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Resident Evil Shane's Story
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New stuff for my gallery.

R.E.S.S. Artworks - Resident Evil Shane's Story

Blue Herb by angelbebop8 Free To Use Umbrella Bullet by angelbebop8 Resi by LyndonKorcala S.T.A.R.S. Badge by angelbebop8 Green Herb by angelbebop8

R.E.S.S. Shadow by TheOracleDragon Shane Stamp 2 by TheOracleDragon Shane Stamp 1 by TheOracleDragon Shane Stamp 3 by TheOracleDragon

Shane by :iconerstwhilesky:
Commission - Oracle 1 by ErstwhileSky

Shane - Awake and Alive by :iconwinterspectrum:
AT- awake and alive by WinterSpectrum

These are done by :iconwondermanrules: and are scenes/artworks of R.E.S.S.

-In order of story-

1: Run Shane Run by wondermanrules
2: Wesker Vs Shane by wondermanrules

Mature Content

The Death of Shane by wondermanrules

4: Shane Returns by wondermanrules
5: Shane Rising by wondermanrules

Mature Content

Shane Under Siege by wondermanrules


Mature Content

Just Between You and Me by wondermanrules

8: Abandoned Hospital Ambush by wondermanrules

Mature Content

Hold That Bastard Still by wondermanrules


Mature Content

Inside the Security Operations Room by wondermanrules

10 Details:

Mature Content

Bloody Shane Detail by wondermanrules

Mature Content

Wisp Attack Detail by wondermanrules

Mature Content

Gennedy and the undead Detail by wondermanrules


Mature Content

Sharp Dressed Shane by wondermanrules


Mature Content

The Survivor and the Savior by wondermanrules

13: Awakening in the Cabin by wondermanrules
14: Captain Redfield meets Hauptman Schmidtstein by wondermanrules

These are done by :iconmadiblitz: and are scenes/artworks of R.E.S.S.

1: .Shane :Asylum:. by MadiBlitz
2: .Shane :Asylum2:. by MadiBlitz

This one done by :icontlaloca: and is a scene/artwork of R.E.S.S.

1: REQUEST:OC:Shade:RE5 by Tlaloca

- - - -

Shane and Jade by :iconangeljasiel:

1: AT# 6: ~ Shane and Jade ~ by AngelJasiel

Plans for 2016

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 30, 2016, 6:32 PM
Course, family issues like usual. Mom had been freaking out about not getting any benifits and it turns out she had been getting them without realizing it, since they deposit it into her account digitally.

Brother still having some back issues but at least he's getting around better than before and I'm thankful for that. His dog had puppies and I ended up naming them (since I help her when she's giving birth). She had 3 boys, Otis, Thomas and Gosford. Mom keeps laughing at the Gosford name but I named them with the first name that came to my mind. :XD:

-Cosplay and Photos-

With winter still here and snow, I'm gonna attempt more photos and cosplay fun. Silent Hill and Outlast themed ones. You can check out some of my previous cosplay in my gallery but if you want to see some of my Witness cosplay: 

Mature Content

Outlast - Walrider by TheOracleDragon
 Hunted Oracle by Alistairpc 

Mature Content

Outlast - Witness by TheOracleDragon

:iconumbrellaspecter: and :iconalistairpc: are two awesome photomanipulators and did a great job with the two photos and I love how well they make them stand out. They always are free to manip my photos for fun. :)

Hopefully they can maniplulate any of the new ones I'm hoping to do and will be sharing them with :iconredbarrels: while doing some character designs for the fun of it, doing them really help me with writing my stories.

:icong0ldfishl0ve: is a great Silent Hill cosplayer and cosplayer all around, check her out too folks and give her love. I'm hoping to get a few props from her for some video recording and/or photoshoot.

I might tempt an Outlast video, possibly something like this 

But a bit better, I make random videos at times when I'm bored or something, even just wanting to make something for the fun of it and see if people mock me or something cause of it. :XD: One person even said I wasn't 'girl' enough, what is that supposed to mean anyway?

-Crimson Head Elder Podcast-

We're close to wrapping up our new podcast with Riva, we might release the Gary Krawford interview when we learn more about Resident Evil 2 REmake, I do apologize to everyone waiting for the new podcast to come out. We spent last week talking about Resident Evil Zero and the HD release of the game. A few times we ended up side track with some details or learning something new from USS Command (one of the podcast team members). He's very good in digging up information and details many players and avid Resident Evil gamers didn't see or learn.

Commission - Crimson Head Podcast by ErstwhileSky done by :iconerstwhilesky: is our first artwork of the website and of the podcast team. From left to right is my OC Shane Burns, then I (TheOracleDragon), USS Command, AlbertWesker187 (in the doorway), George Trevor (man holding the mug) and Crimson Head Elder (Crimson Head). We interview voice actors and talk about games at times, we can really get into deep conversations about things and USS Command is pretty clever finding things. We give him a lot of praise, he spends a long time in some games working out details.

You can go here:   to catch any of our topics, previous podcasts and more.

If the rumors about Outbreak is true, we might be trying to snag some of the living voice actors from it.

If we will be talking about Umbrella Corps, I have yet to learn if we will since there is mixed feelings over the game and since it's for the PS4 and PC currently, only a few podcast members and members of the site, will be giving us details and information.

-GTAV and video recording-

You know that :iconnewlegend1:, :iconspartan-029: and I have been gaming Grand Theft Auto V Online for some time and thanks to them, I'm gaming on next gen and doing well. I was also gained a great gift from another friend with an Elgato recording system to record console gaming and I'm hoping to do more recording.

I've posted some videos on my YouTube channel of our gameplay, and I can tell you how many times my movie maker crashed and broke from editing alone. :XD:


I'm also hoping to record some Outlast gameplay, even if it's been out for some time, I would like folks to see it again without anyone talking over the gameplay itself. I do have to try and stop randomly jumping. :XD: I'll do a short introduction at the beginning before playing the game as if the character is reacting to the things around him.

I'm hoping to snag Whistleblower to continue the horrors. I'm pretty anxious for Outlast 2! :woohoo:

-Random things-

As always, my commissions are still opened. I'm hoping to get some commissions for Character Designing as suggested by :iconredbarrels: for anyone interested in them. I'm pretty good with prices.

They are written course, you provide me the details and I'll create a being for you to enjoy.

I'm hoping to get a new camera sometime in the future for better photos and try to learn how to use photo editing programs to do effects, I don't have photoshop, sadly, but I do own GIMP! :lamo:

I'm also learning how to use a thumb piano that was gifted to me by :iconillydragonfly: as an early birthday gift. :giggle: I love it to bits and I'm learning how to play some good tunes with it. 

Commission Journal: Commissions Open    - ALWAYS OPENED

Spammer list: Spammers and Others - How To Block Tutorial    - The list of accounts to block on dA. 


I'm hoping our chickens have more peeps so I can make some money off them in order to get some nice supplies to improve their house and get them more feed and treats.

Gardening will be improved and possibly expanded for more plants for growing, I'd like to get more flower seeds to attract bees since my brother is thinking of getting honey bees and I'm a lover of herbs. Making some treats for the chickens would be fun to do as well.

I still miss dad and catch myself wanting to ask him a question or show him something, hopefully my brother will pick up the pace with the things we need to do this year to improve the place and try and keep it decent.

:icongabrielsangel: and :iconchrysalid-of-ink: would like to meet with me one day, photoshops, adventure and more would be pretty fun to do with these fine lasses. :)

I'm also hoping to commission :iconwondermanrules: again in the future for more RESS artworks. 

  • Listening to: Silent Hill Shattered Memories
  • Reading: Resident Evil book series.
  • Watching: Don't Starve Together
  • Playing: Outlast, Don't Starve
  • Eating: Whatever I can find.
  • Drinking: Milk

Update Journal

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 18, 2016, 8:05 PM
2015 was an okay year till the end of October came around when I lost my dad, I was very close to him. Things have been hectic and tempers flaring a lot as of late. More so the other week when he was messaged by mom's one sister who was degrading dad, accusing him of things that weren't true and even insulted me by saying I have mental issues all because she saw my YouTube videos.

And recently, my brother has been accusing me for being a thief and crap, he freaked out when one of his boxes on a table moved a tiny hair and accused me I was snooping around and taking his things.

Ever since dad died, all this crap my brother is doing is because he wants to be a jerk towards me and our mom.

Other than that, I'm still writing slowly and doing some character designs for Red Barrels, the makers of Outlast, just doing it for fun and they really like them and suggested about being a character designer, so if you're interested in me writing you up a character, feel free to commission.

Still doing my TLO project, :iconviralacorn: is going to help me with some works on the beings, even if she said I can get artwork for free for being patient since commissioning her years ago (which I'm still patient for), I'll still want to at least try and pay what I can for some things. The project is for :iconbottomlesspitstudios:

Please commission me.

I managed to get to pre-order Resident Evil Collection and will be doing a review of it with the Crimson Head Elder staff, even Riva said she'll give us her review on it. I have to thank two great friends for the blessing of a gift card in order to make the purchase and thanking another awesome friend for giving me a game recorder for the One. So I might do a review or something from the recording. 

Will upload that possibly to my YouTube channel.

I'm still cosplaying, just taking time though. I'd like to get a new camera so that I can take more photos and even more if I ever get to meet :icongabrielsangel: and :iconchrysalid-of-ink:.

The Division is coming out soon, it looks fun and I so want to get it and play with :iconspartan-029: and :iconnewlegend1:, we're a killer team when gaming together, in Halo or Grand Theft Auto V Online.

You can see some of our antics through comics Legend has done, check his dA page and gallery, they're both awesome artists. I also have videos too you can check out:


I might be able to do more recordings with the recording system my one friend gifted me, still learning how to use it but learned I need more accessories to get it to record voice and in-game chat as well. So yeah, I'm learning as I go and Spartan and Legend both can't believe how much my character looks just like me. :giggle:

Be awesome to get artworks done of our GTA characters as we already have been turned into ponies: Jesse - Schoolbook Photo by ViralAcornLegend - Schoolbook Photo by ViralAcornOracle - Schoolbook Photo by ViralAcorn

A gift to my buds and crew. :XD:

I'm really hoping we can get some good snow and I'll be able to take some cosplay photos with the camera I'm currently using, it's the greatest but it still takes good photos.

Apart from our recent podcast, we'll be releasing what we did before long, possibly before or after the release of Resident Evil Zero HD, for all I know it could be released on the day of its release. Those who were lucky to pre-order to get the book, I'd be jealous about it cause it's awesome and a great collectors piece for any RE fan.

Any future podcast will be talked about, considering there's a lot of rumors as of late that Outbreak series is being remastered or something, I'm hoping to be able to interview any of the living voice actors from the series and hopefully snag any of the original voice actors, apart from Gary Krawford, for a interview with their work in Resident Evil 2.

It was a fun time talking with Gary, you all will like our interview with him, you can still hear Chief Irons in his voice. To me, I think that Capcom tends to manipulate the voices for certain characters, but then again the actor could be talented to pull another voice off and have it tweaked a little bit. You all will love our podcast when it's done being edited.

Riva really reveals a lot of insight into the voice acting bits and the reasons why voice actors aren't in the same booth together. There are some that actually do that to have people react off one another but in the case for games, separation is very well played. Even if it's not right for the voice actor not knowing how to fully react to a scene.

Really hoping to snag autographs!

Now for this spring and summer, I'm hoping to do more gardening, would be nice if my brother would keep his word in getting honey bees or even maybe goats or cattle. Be cooler if we are able to snag some solar panels as well.

Still would like a camper to keep and own.

Besides all that, I really hope to commission :iconwondermanrules: again and that of :iconerstwhilesky: for more R.E.S.S. artworks, the staff at Crimson Head Elder are hoping to commission :iconwinterspectrum: for comics.

Anyone and everyone who has done R.E.S.S. artworks will be featured for a future feature of R.E.S.S. on the website and we're thankful to all of you who did the works and gave us permission to display, I do believe I contacted all of you and if I forgot to ask and you see your artwork, I apologize greatly. I sent out a ton of notes that day. ^^;

We'll be revealing our podcast poster image: Crimson Head Podcast Team by TheOracleDragon

If all things go well, it'll give us time to piece together the podcast recordings and we'll upload it as soon as possible.

Commission Journal: Commissions Open

Spammer list: Spammers and Others - How To Block Tutorial


We really need to get donations in because mom won't be getting any funds from the plans dad had done to make sure she has an income and that waiting period can range from a month to three months time. We're very tight on money already and have shut off a lot of parts of the house to try saving money when the electric bill comes. 

So far mom hasn't gotten any checks in the mail yet and my brother's back keeps throwing out on him making it hard for him to do things and I end up doing a lot of caring for both of them. Plus it's winter and we need to get more supplies of animal feed.

Star! I'm taking donations to help take care of my mother, brother and animals, donated to (using PayPal). Star!

We have a LOT of things to go through in order to get paperwork and transfers done plus lawyer stuff. Hopefully we'll be able to finish these crazy things and be able to be a family again without having issues. 

Every penny helps and thank you for supporting me. Tight Hug

Star!Star! Please commission me as well so I can have a stable income! Star!Star!

  • Listening to: Don't Starve
  • Reading: Resident Evil book series.
  • Watching: Don't Starve Together
  • Playing: Outlast, Don't Starve
  • Eating: Whatever I can find.
  • Drinking: Milk


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